Project information

  • Name of the project: Private Investment Data Warehouse
  • Project type: Data warehouse synchronization
  • Started: May, 2021
  • Project stage (when we took it over): New project
  • Used technologies: .NET Framework, C#, web services, Reporting Services, PowerBI
  • Current state: Fully operational, maintained and supported by us

Private Investment Data Warehouse

This is a custom project developed for a client located in New York, USA. The first part of this project is a solution for syncing a data warehouse by using the latest information from the client’s CRM system – DealCloud. We implemented a tool which connects to the CRM and pulls the latest data from there and then it stored the information into the data warehouse by inserting and updating the appropriate records. The tool runs periodically and it refreshes the appropriate records which have been recently modified in the CRM system. In that way the data warehouse is synced almost in real time.

Also, we implemented an audit tool which keeps a track of all data changes in the data warehouse.

The second part of this project consists of a reporting solution which allows the business users to run various reports by using the information stored in the data warehouse. Having all the information stored in the data warehouse allows to build and run rich and complex reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and PowerBI.

In this project we had to deal with various challenges like representing the objects coming from the CRM to a relational model in the data warehouse. We managed to build complex reports in PowerBI by meeting the customer’s needs considering the various limitations of the environment.

The system is built based on the Microsoft stack of technologies – .NET Framework, C#, Reporting Services and PowerBI.