Project information

  • Name of the project: PMIS
  • Client: Bulgarian Ministry of Defense
  • Project type: Data driven web portal
  • Started: August, 2010
  • Project stage (when we took it over): New project
  • Used technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Oracle, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, AJAX
  • Current state: Fully operational, maintained and supported by us


PMIS is a web based information system developed for the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense. It provides the user capabilities and functionality to collect and maintain information for the human and technics resources of the army. There are different modules for the army reserve, applicants for army services and health and safety management.

It is a significant system which stores various data and most of the modules are interconnected. The system has a robust reporting module which helps the users to easily summarize and analyze the data.

The system is classified and completely private used solely for the army’s internal needs. We had to implement a strong administrative module supporting a detailed audit tracking tool and a fine-grained permissions component.

It is a web system implemented with ASP.NET and standard web technologies like HTML/CSS and JavaScript. One of the challenges was the requirement to integrate it with an existing Oracle database. Another challenge was the requirement to make the system working stable even in a slow network environment.