Project information

  • Name of the project: DealCloud Reporting
  • Client: The Riverside Company
  • Project type: Web portal for running reports
  • Started: Jan, 2019
  • Project stage (when we took it over): New project
  • Used technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Office Automation (Excel and Word), HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, web services
  • Current state: Fully operational, maintained and supported by us

DealCloud Reporting

DealCloud Reporting is a custom web system developed for The Riverside Company (New York, USA). It is used by The Riverside Company to run various reports designed to fit the users’ needs.

The information that is shown on the report is pulled directly from the Riverside’s CRM system – DealCloud. The DealCloud Reporting itself doesn’t keep any data and all the information is pulled on the fly by using the DealCloud API.

In general, this is a read-only application and we use the DealCloud API mostly to pull data. However, there are a couple of forms which create records in DealCloud just before running the particular report. For that functionality we leverage the API to push data to the CRM as well.

The reports are exported in different formats like Excel, Word and PDF. Some of them are fairly complex including multiple worksheets, charts and rich formatting.

In this project we had to deal with various challenges like integrating the system with the Riverside’s corporate single sign-on using Okta, linking the data records pulled from the API into appropriate hierarchies, achieving pinpoint formatting in different formats like Excel and Word, etc.

The system is built based on the Microsoft stack of technologies – ASP.NET, C#, Word and Excel automation, etc. Also, we used standard modern web technologies like AJAX, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, etc. to develop the smooth user interface. The communication with the DealCloud API is performed by consuming SOAP web services.