Project information

  • Name of the project: Consensus Integrations
  • Client: Consensus Sales, Inc.
  • Project type: Integrations with other systems
  • Started: February, 2018
  • Project stage (when we took it over): Early stage of development
  • Used technologies: C#, HTML5/CSS3, AJAX, REST APIs
  • Current state: Completed

Consensus Integrations

Consensus Sales, Inc (Utah, USA) offers a platform for creating and sharing interactive video demos. Our involvement in this project was to implement two integrations that are used by the Consensus users – an Outlook add-in and an integration for Microsoft Dynamics.

The Outlook add-in appears in Outlook’s ribbon bar and it allows the user to send a Consensus demo directly from within Outlook without leaving the application.

The Microsoft Dynamics integration provides the user with capabilities to see the list of Consensus demos for their account and to send new ones directly from within the Dynamics platform. The integration adds buttons and sections at various places in the Dynamics interface so that the user can check the list of demos or send a new one for each Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and Account object in the Dynamics CRM system.

The integrations communicate with the Consensus platform by using the Consensus REST API.

In this project we had to deal with some limitations and peculiarities of both Outlook and Dynamics related to the abilities to add custom elements like buttons and menus to the UI in each of those software products.

The Outlook add-in and the server part of the Dynamics integration are built with C# and the UI elements like buttons and visual panel are built with web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).