Project information

  • Name of the project: BRAD (Big Riverside Automated Database)
  • Client: The Riverside Company
  • Project type: Data driven web portal
  • Started: May, 2007
  • Project stage (when we took it over): Early stage of development
  • Used technologies: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Office Automation, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX
  • Current state: Fully operational, maintained and supported by us

BRAD (Big Riverside Automated Database)

BRAD is a custom web system developed for The Riverside Company (New York, USA). It is used by The Riverside Company to manage their private equity business by supporting the main operation workflows. BRAD is a complex system which has many modules for managing the list of portfolio companies, funds, cash flows, valuations, etc. The system is used by each portfolio company to upload the company’s monthly financials which becomes available for comprehensive analysis by the deal team members and the various Riverside users grouped in different user roles based on their activities.

All the information collected in BRAD is used in the heavy reporting module which provides more than 120 custom reports designed for the various purposes of The Riverside Company. The system also provides ad-hoc reporting based on the MicroStrategy platform.

BRAD supports unique features developed for the needs of The Riverside Company like the capability to define and run custom finance formulas allowing the users to specify the transactions included in each formula by themselves. Those formulas are integrated in many of the reports and screens available in BRAD.

In this project we had to deal with various challenges like integrating the system with the Riverside’s corporate single sign-on using Okta, connecting BRAD with other external systems to support data synchronization by using third-party APIs and implementing ETL processes, etc.

BRAD is built based on the Microsoft stack of technologies – ASP.NET, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Word and Excel automation, etc. Also, we used standard modern web technologies like AJAX, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, etc. to develop the smooth user interface.

We have been working on the BRAD system since its initial phase starting back in 2007 and we are still actively working on various enhancements and extensions requested by The Riverside Company.